What we do

The AWC employs a team of professional writing consultants (they possess advanced terminal degrees, as opposed to peer tutors) who undergo a specially designed training program.  Prior tutoring experience is required of writing consultant, and many of them have taught or been T.A.’s at Ashford and are familiar with the students as well as the curriculum.

Writing consultants know how to communicate effectively with Ashford students.  They help students understand the writing process, as opposed to simply fixing or polishing up the “finishing touches” on a product.  We proscribe to the age-old saying about teaching students to “fish” rather than simply giving them a fish.  By empowering students to become better writers, they are more likely to succeed at Ashford University, and beyond in the world of work and civic responsibility.

What we do:  First, we review with the student the instructor’s assignment guidelines to make sure the writing goal is clear. We may also help the student understand the writing prompt.  Next, we provide feedback to the student and answer specific questions about topics such as idea development, APA issues, grammar, or organization, to name a few. 

We do NOT actually correct or edit a paper, help with exams, or discuss grades.

Our goal is to provide feedback so that students’ revised work shows improvement and evidence of critical thinking—as well as correctness.