When to Use a Writing Tutor

To ensure you use the best writing support for your needs, consult the following table:

 Course Instructor  Writing Guides  Grammarly  Paper Review  Live Writing Tutoring
Answers questions about Canvas or the course Self-help writing guides and samples Immediate check of grammar and punctuation General writing feedback to help you revise and improve your writing Get specific writing questions answered
Answers questions about the assignment or rubric APA guides, samples, and templates Does not review APA Not a proofreading or APA service Provides tips to improve your writing skills
Guidance on what learning supports you need Writing Refreshers Does not review content Does not review the content of the paper or check for plagiarism  Cannot edit your writing or write any part of your assignment

If you’ve reviewed the writing and APA guides and still have a question, a writing expert is available to help anytime—24/7/365. Get writing help through chat, an interactive whiteboard, or audio.


Maintaining academic integrity while using tutoring:

  • Do not take your assignment to the session to complete there
  • Do not ask a tutor to edit or complete any part of your assignment
  • Do not ask a tutor to provide you with research sources for your paper 


Having an effective tutoring session:

  • Prepare by creating specific questions for your tutor
  • Work on only 1 or 2 questions or concepts during a single session
  • Limit your session to 30 min. and then work on your own
  • Take notes during the session so you can work on your own after the session


Accessing 24/7 Live Writing Tutoring:

  1. Click on the “Writing Center & Library” link within your course.Writing Center
  2. Click on the “Chat Now” button. Chat now
  3. Click on the "Tutoring" button on the screen that opens.


  4. This will open a screen to the Live Writing Tutoring service.
  5. You will be asked to state the writing question you have before connecting to a live tutor. You can also upload a document if you'd like, but this is optional.  Writing Question


  6. Click the "Submit" button to connect with a live writing tutor.Submit to connect with tutor


Accessing Past Live Writing Tutoring Sessions:

  1. Follow the same process you went through to access the live writing tutoring service above.
  2. When you get to the “describe your writing problem” screen, close this screen by clicking the X in the upper left corner to reveal your TutorMe dashboard.
     Click out of writing tutoring
  3. From the TutorMe dashboard, open your student account area to find the “Past Lessons” tab.
     Past Lessons
  4. You will find previous live writing tutoring sessions within “Live Lessons.”
     Live lessons

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