Introduction to the Ashford University Online Library

The mission of the Ashford University Library is to support Ashford University in providing accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions, and communities through research, resources, instruction, and services.

In a world where digital access is becoming increasingly more common in the academic arena, it is important that you have access to first-rate online resources. The Ashford University Library coordinates university-wide access to a variety of research resources in online formats. The electronic resources available to you include scholarly journal and general magazine articles, e-books (academic and reference), newspaper articles, company profiles, legal documents, reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and more.

In addition to these resources, the library also offers a variety of services to users, including research assistance from Ashford librarians, instructional tutorials, and interlibrary loan services. These resources, as well as librarian contact information and instructional aides, are available on the Ashford Online Library page. You can access the library page through the Student Portal by clicking on "Online Library" or through your online courses by clicking on "Library" in the left navigation menu.


Though there are many databases available to you through the library, these four databases are especially useful when beginning the research process:

ProQuest is a multi-disciplinary collection of databases; you can find information on almost any subject matter, so it is a good place to start any research. The types of sources you will find in ProQuest will vary. You will find scholarly journals as well as articles from popular magazines and newspapers. Depending on your research topic, all of these different types may be useful; however, you have the ability to restrict your search to only scholarly journal articles.

Like ProQuest, EBSCOHost a multidisciplinary collection of databases. Academic Search Premier, one of the databases available through EBSCOHost, is a highly multi-disciplinary database, also covering almost any subject matter. There are also specific business-related and health-related databases that you can search as well (and in combination with each other).

JSTOR is a completely full-text, scholarly journal database. There are no popular magazines or newspapers; there are, however, book reviews that have appeared in scholarly journals. Issues are not as current in this database, but it has an extensive back catalog of journals that in some cases go back over 100 years. It has coverage of such subjects as Arts & Sciences, Social Sciences, Language& Literature, and History.
Project MUSE

Project MUSE
Like JSTOR, Project MUSE is a full-text, scholarly journal database. It covers journals in the humanities and socials science, so even the coverage is somewhat similar to JSTOR. However, it does not have a lot of overlap, so it will still be useful. Its articles are also usually more current than JSTOR.
Click here to see a full listing of library resources by subject. Visit the "Finding Articles and More" tab of the
Online Library for the latest database listings, as new databases are added frequently.


The Ashford University Library provides many tutorials that will help you during the research process. Tutorials
are found by going to the "Getting Research Help" tab on the main library page, and then selecting "Tutorials." A few especially useful tutorials are:


There is a team of librarians ready to assist you with any research or library-related questions you may have. You can contact a librarian at